What’s Keeping You From Manifesting?

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Until there is a shift in the core belief of who you are, you will not manifest what is yours to claim, and if you gain it, you will somehow sabotage it. I have heard this called “glimpsing” – when you have a momentary or partial view of something. It is right there in front of you and suddenly, it’s gone.

You have started a business and it is going well, but somehow you feel a new direction is calling you. Soon you find your business failing… releasing you to that new direction…. You’ve been a prime candidate for a job; an agency calls you because you appear to be a good candidate for the job.  They take your resume and make changes to make it into the form that this employer prefers and they get it to the employer because timing is important. When you receive an email from the agency with the resume they sent to the employer you find typos and mistakes throughout their version of your resume… the very first heading has a typo in it!!! You have lost the opportunity…. You are unemployed and feel really “out of it.”  You know that to turn this experience around, you must get “with it” and feel “with it.” Unless you have reversed the patterns of consciousness that led to the unemployment, the lost job opportunity, or business, you have only temporarily solved the problem.

You experience what you experience everyday because of your consciousness. And there is only one way you can come to stand anywhere else, and that is by changing your consciousness. You must BE what it is that you way you desire. Your subconscious and conscious must be congruent. Your core self-concept must match what you say you desire.

If you’re not at a place to inhabit the space of something you “think” you want, you cannot keep it. Thinking occurs at the conscious level of being. The subconscious is the core belief level, which is an even deeper level of consciousness. It is the level of being that directs our lives. If the subconscious and the conscious are not aligned, somehow something will happen to undermine you and send away what you “think” you want when it appears in front of you. If you are not happy with the things that are repeatedly happening in your life, or with the direction in which you seem to be moving, you can turn it around by becoming aware of the core beliefs you are holding and then releasing those beliefs.

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