Transition: The Way Through Change – Part 4: New Beginnings

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“Every beginning is a consequence. Every beginning ends something.” ~ Paul Valery

Many of you are in the midst of transition right now. With the energies of New Beginnings everywhere, you cannot begin a new project or new stage of life until you fully release the old. Only then can you find yourself living in a new reality.

The biggest trap in the process to a New Beginning is that you can fall into is getting stuck in the Ending or the Neutral Zone. This results in:

– Anxiety
– Self-Absorption
– Guilt
– Stress
– Resentment

A New Beginning takes place only when you are emotionally ready to behave and think in a whole new way. You have to part with the old, and get through the chaotic Neutral Zone, before you can successfully start a New Beginning. That’s why a Transition takes a lot longer to complete than a Change.

How do you know you’re at a New Beginning?
– When you’ve reached a New Beginning you honor and embrace your past. Thoughts of the past don’t trigger you any longer.
– Feelings of comfort.
– Realignment & renewed energy, self confidence & self-worth.
– Refocused attention and a new sense of purpose.
– Greater clarity, no longer worry about the future.

It’s important to mark this new phase by celebrating successes both small and large whether it’s a move to a new job, or relocation to a new house, having a baby, getting married, or divorced, changing your diet, buying a new car, or any of the innumerable ways beginnings can happen.

The New Beginning is the final stage in the Transition process and a coming to terms with the new. The New Beginning becomes an ongoing process which redefines itself over and over again until it no longer is a beginning and becomes being.

If you find yourself in the midst of a transition and needs some guidance on the way through, please contact me.

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Live the Possibilities!!

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