Is Your Story Running Your Life?

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Are you aware of the story your life is being run by?

When you are young you develop a story of who you are. It’s typically a watered down version of who you really are. Whatever your story, it became the template that runs your life, guided by habits of thought and emotions.

When you are young thought forms that emerge become your perspective, your perceptions, your beliefs, your opinions, and your unconscious behaviors. These then became your life experiences. You cannot free yourself from the negative stories that you’ve told yourself until the underlying thought forms and story are edited.

What story have you been living? Have you been living the fullest expression of who you are in connection with your soul’s urning, or a diminished version of yourself?

Get out your journal and write out your story:

• The stories you tell yourself inside your mind
• The people in your life that remind you of your limitations or your greatness
• Your resentments or grudges
• The people you respect, or admire

Write it all out.

Now go back and rewrite the parts of your story from the perspective of an observer seeing the lessons you’ve learned from what you have seen as a diminished version of yourself. See the benefits.

Are you an actor in someone else’s story – abandoning your true self? Are you living someone else’s story? Impinged every moment by someone’s story… in a relationships? TV or radio? Have you given them your power? It’s time to take it reclaim your power.

It is an opportune time for manifesting your own personal power. If you’re not getting what you want out of life, don’t like where you’re at, or don’t know how to move forward, I can be of service to you in finding your way forward. Contact me

Live the Possibilities!

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