How Are You Staying Stuck?

| May 1, 2013 | Comments (0)

When we struggle we are creating experiences we need to evolve and grow. When we change our beliefs about the need for the struggle within the situation, the need for struggle disappears or changes form.

When we decide to let go of the struggle and to cooperate with the energy flow, the energy of the struggle dissolves and the situation is transformed. The reality of life is that everything is energy and energy is in a constant state of flowing. It is not fixed, stuck, or oppressive, it just flows. Any situation you find yourself in that is not in a state of flow is of your own making.

If you are struggling in a situation check yourself. Look at why it has to be that particular situation in that particular way out of all the possibilities in the world. Do you see how obsessing over something that is not going the way you want prevents not only the situation, but also the rest of your life from moving forward?

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