The SHIFT: From Extrinsically Motivated to Intrinsically Motivated

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It’s amazing what fear and victimization can do to you; how it can narrow your vision and close you off from your internal resources. so that you are willing to turn away from your true self. Nothing in your life will fundamentally change until you make a fundamental shift in your life perspective from being extrinsically motivated to being intrinsically motivated. This is the only way you can truly have a new relationship with yourself and what you desire. If you’re not fully engaged in living your dreams and giving your gifts and being your authentic self, then you’re dependent on something outside of yourself to come and rescue you. You may act, but all you find is that you’re spinning your wheels. So, making this shift from the external to the internal is the key to living your authentic life and your unlimited potential. The shift it requires in your perspective is profound.

As long as you believe that something outside of you is your source of safety, security, and supply, you will control, manipulate, turn into a chameleon, or contorting yourself into a pretzel so you can get what you think you need from the world; and you won’t be able to be authentic and express your true self. You need to wake-up to feel this inadequacy that you’ve been feeling and to stop agreeing to make yourself powerless through this unconscious resistance and identification with this stream of negative states.

When you are extrinsically motivated, what you do is based on constricting, making yourself small, and moving away from something you fear, something you don’t want. Why do various fears appear? Every fear you have is a deep and unconscious assumption that you will be inadequate when the moment appears. You might ask yourself, why am I afraid to make that phone call I need to make?… sense deeply into it and you find that you’re afraid they’re going to come back at you with something and you’re going to get tongue tied and feel inadequate. Or maybe you’d like to ask for a raise at work, but maybe they’ll point to someplace where you’re inadequate and you’ll fall back into negativity and blame. What you’re doing is hiding your own feelings of inadequacy and trying to overcome them by projecting that this will happen to you by someone else. This only serves to keep you small and insignificant.

When intrinsically motivated you respond to a situation by expanding your energy and moving toward your vision. You realize that you are not only perfectly adequate, but you are made for the moment no matter what it is. When you understand that who and what you are is actually created for the moment you become fearless.

No moment exists that’s greater than your capacity to turn it into something triumphant. When you’re intrinsically motivated no negative state exists… meaning, you can’t get frightened, angry, anxious. No negative state can come to you that isn’t first co-created by you through an act of resisting it. Your resistance is what creates negativity, not the event or person. Events themselves are neutral; your negative imagination creates a meaning for it and turns it into a fear. There is a saying, what you resist, persists. You are the cause. Not only should you release the resistance, but if you understand the real reason for the moment you don’t want, you become someone who no longer fears events because you know they have brought with them an invitation to outgrow a fearful you. The fearful you only exists when you are extrinsically motivated.

The reason you’re drawn to all the relationships in your life, the people, classes, artwork, books, music, nature, jobs, or whatever you’re drawn to, is because through that relationship you are introduced to characteristics and qualities within yourself, either positive or negative. Without that relationship you would not know these qualities that live in you. Likewise, what you react to in the other, is merely a projection of what you know to be within you. All of life is relationship, and all relationships serve as instruments for revealing when seen properly, things about yourself that you didn’t know.

So, now ask yourself, what in me sees a particular event as threatening? Where do I need to choose again? You can only choose again, you can only shift to being intrinsically motivated, when you understand that you are the co-creative source of what’s in your life and that you are not in any way, shape, or form inadequate. Remember, feeling fearful and feeling inadequate come from being extrinsically motivated. It is merely a perspective you take of life.

It takes courage to face the truth about who you are, the choices that you have been making in your life and to decide that it’s just not you anymore. Your soul yearns for the life of your highest potential. When you live out of fear you can’t engage your highest potential. Why? Because your perceptions and choices are stuck in the energy of the past. This is a by-product of the way the human psyche processes the traumas of your past, sabotaging your efforts to co-create in present time. It’s like moving forward while having one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brakes.

Here is a partial list and comparison of these two different perspectives, the two different points of reference.

Habitual Mind / Disempowerment
– You have a need to control people and situations in your external environment – because you feel resistance with what is in your life you have a need to control it.
– You feel fragmented and separate. You do not trust life. – Your life is filled with resistance and struggle. You feel you need to protect yourself from people and situation.
– You feel fear: self-hatred, anger, blame, and victimization, and experience worry, anxiety, irritation, frustration, sadness. Everything in your life is conditional.
– You believe life is dangerous & live in survival mode.
– You feel stuck or imprisoned.
– You experience ill health and dis-ease.
– You solve problems by moving away from what you don’t want.

Creative Mind / Empowerment
– You feel secure within – by giving up controlling people and situations outside of yourself you have gained control of your life from the inside out.
– You feel one with life. You trust and embrace life. Your life is filled with coincidences, flow events, synchronicities. – You are nonjudgmental and feel connected to others.
– You feel unconditional love: self-love, love for others, gratitude, and compassion, and experience joy, peace, calm, serenity, security, safety, abundance.
– You believe that life is benevolent & you can thrive.
– You feel fluidity, a flow to how you experience life.
– You experience health and ease.
– You create your life by moving toward what you want.

Shifting from being extrinsically motivated to being intrinsically motivated you may have heard called shifting from fear to love, or from ego to essence. It is a fundamental shift in consciousness, so each of these shifting statements is about the same thing.

If you want assistance shifting into intrinsic motivation please contact me for a coaching conversation.

Live the Possibilities!

(c) 2014 Patricia Rubino

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