Are You Taking Responsibility for Your Life?

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“Your own negative self-talk, excuses, mental stories, and lack of discipline are the killers of your dreams, NOT other people, circumstances, or the economy. When you decide and accept being responsible for all your results, you become free. You will also become more successful because I know it’s within you.” – John Assaraf

Where is your attention? Right now, this very moment, where is your attention? Is it on complaining about something? Or is it on appreciating something? Complaining is a big clue you are not taking responsibility for your life experiences.

When you complain what you’re doing is telling your subconscious that you are weak, that you are somehow a victim. As a result you project a low level frequency that will continue to attract situations that align with that low level frequency that will keep you in this weakened state.

Taking charge means no more complaining. It means taking back your power. When you are in your power you start talking about all the great things happening in your life – all the blessings that surround you. By empowering yourself, your conversations are positive and upbeat and filled with confidence, positivity, optimism, and appreciation.

Are your communications weak and filled with complaining, or filled with strong words that tell your subconscious you are in control? When you are playing the victim, you appear weak, your language is weak. What you’ve done is given away your power to someone or something outside of yourself. When you feel powerless and weak you have abandoned yourself for victimhood. In this state there is always a payoff, so ask yourself, what’s the payoff here? Start to see what is keeping you in this weakened state and take responsibility by shifting the thoughts and the language.

When you take responsibility for your life experiences, you’re power is restored and you take charge of your life. Instead of complaining and seeing the flaws, always look for the gifts. Instead of seeing obstacles as problems, see them as opportunities.

The only one responsible for your life is you. Make a commitment to yourself today. I will email you a contract you can fill-out to help you keep this commitment with yourself, use the contact link above, or leave a comment below.

Live the Possibilities!

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