How to Recognize Self-Sabotaging Habit Patterns

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Did you know that most messages that your unconscious mind tries to send to your conscious mind are blocked? Since your unconscious mind can’t get your attention, it sends you non-verbal signals through your body. The key to recognizing the habit patterns is learning how your body is trying to send you messages through feelings within the body that are being communicated from your unconscious to your conscious mind when you’re unconscious can’t otherwise get through.

When your unconscious can’t get the message through directly to your conscious mind it resorts to indirect signals, such as:

• The flow of blood, which consciously feels like hot or cold depending o whether the blood vessels are dilated or constricted.
• Muscle tension, which consciously feels like stress or a feeling of relaxation depending on whether the muscles are tensed or relaxed.
• Headache, which is constricted blood flow to parts of the brain.
• The flow of bile and enzymes in the stomach, which consciously feels as stomach pain and pressure of bloating when too much enzyme flow and congestion when too little flows.

We all have blocks. A rule of thumb or determining if you have a block is that whenever you are experiencing anything other than inner joy, love, harmony, enthusiasm, high energy, and a sense of fulfillment of your potential, you are encountering a subconscious block that’s trying to get your attention.

Typical blocks include:
• I’m not smart enough.
• I’m not good at this sort of thing.
• This doesn’t make sense.
• It’s crazy to try to do this.
• It’s impossible, I just can’t do it.
• I’m tired.
• I could do it easily if I only had the proper training.
• I don’t have enough time.
• There’s no solution.
• They’re trying to put something over on me.

Next time you feel a symptom in your body, stay with it and ask it to reveal its message is from the unconscious. Once brought to light, blocks can quickly dissolve as you put your attention on it.

Live the Possibilities!

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