Positive Attitude or Negative Attitude – It’s Your Choice

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Whether you are aware of it or not, you choose every thought you think and that choice determines your attitude. When you choose consciously you have a positive attitude, you are open hearted and respond to whatever is in front of you. When you choose unconsciously you have a negative attitude and react with unconscious habitual patterns.

A positive attitude stems from conscious awareness of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that cause you to respond to a person or situation in real time, free from thoughts and emotions of the past or the future. It brings a great-fullness from within that releases fear, provides inner peace, and an empowering way of being in the world as you respond to people and situations in the moment, rather than react to them. It brings a sense-of-self that is not present when you are in doubt and worry when your thoughts are hijacked by the past or future. Through a positive attitude you learn to accept and appreciate yourself. When you choose gratitude and appreciate as your inner resources, you are choosing to have a positive attitude.

The formula for a positive attitude is:
Trust + Sufficiency  Fearless + Inner Peace = Positive Empowering Attitude

A negative attitude stems from unconscious habit patterns of thought that causes you to react in certain and predictable ways. A negative attitude is disempowering as it is a disintegrating force that impedes relationship, growth and creating. At its core, it is an abandonment of your true Self, a belief that something is somehow wrong with you – that you are in some way, not enough. Whenever you react to a person or situation, you are allowing that person or situation to have power-over you, blaming what’s happening outside of you for doing something to you. The truth is we are always at cause for everything that happens in our lives. Every thought is creative and leads either to what we desire in our live, or something else.

The formula for a negative attitude is:
Doubt + Worry  Fear + Anxiety = Negative Disempowering Attitude

If you find yourself in a disempowering, negative attitude, self-acceptance and forgiveness facilitates movement to a more empowering attitude. They release the energy of your intrinsic natural creative process that has been misguided into disempowering thoughts and emotions. Self-acceptance and forgiveness bring about a great-fullness from within that contributes to a sense of sufficiency, and belief that you are enough. This is in essence being grateful for who you are and what you have to offer the world. This sense of sufficiency is what maintains an empowering attitude.

Before you go and judge yourself about having a negative attitude about something please understand that it is part of the process of learning to choose our thoughts rightly. Since we live in duality there are two sides to everything. In order to know one side, you must know the other. You cannot know that you have inner peace unless you know doubt, worry and anxiety. You cannot know fearlessness unless you know fear. They are two sides of the same thing, and they just are what they are, so always be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to integrate yourself to wholeness with every thought. Your environment will always provide you with feedback which guides you towards making the necessary corrections that will put you on track to what you desire. It is your charge to follow and trust the process.

Live the Possibilities!

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