The Observer Effect: What It Means To You

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The observer effect states that whatever you observe, by the very act of observation, it changes. It means that you are one with whatever you’re observing, and in the very act of observing, you change it at a subatomic level based on your observation.

 When you begin to observe what is in your awareness with intention to grow and develop to your highest good, you’ve placed the observer effect on steroids and you transmute the thoughts that you inherited from your past to a higher frequency. This sets you free!

 Three Simple Steps

1.  when you are in the act of observing, observe your thoughts about it
2.  enter into forgiveness
3.  observe it all again and see how it changes

 In making your inner environment pristine by transmuting polluting thoughts only good can happen through you. The higher frequency of your being will resonates with matching frequencies and what’s in front of you will transform.

 How It Works at the Quantum Level

 Always remember, you are a design of infinite possibilities that is perfect . The Universe at its most fundamental levels of matter, the world and its relationships exists in a state of pure potential and infinite possibility. There is a strange property at the subatomic world called ‘nonlocality’. This refers to the ability of a quantum entity such as an individual electron to influence another particle instantaneously over any distance with no exchange of force or energy. This is the proof that everything is connected and that there is a participatory relationship between the observer and observed. The consciousness of the observer brings the observed object into being. This means nothing in the universe exists as an actual ‘thing’ independent of your perception of it. Every minute of every day you are creating your world.

 Show Up as the Highest Version of Yourself

By design, everything you need is within you. You are an individualized expression and in keeping the inner environment clean, it expresses through you without pollution. In this state, you shock yourself how much you can love, how deep your forgiveness is, and how profound your generosity and creativity are. You have become the witness – your bear witness to the truth of your being and life responds by becoming a sweet expression of who you really are. Everywhere you go, you exude a higher frequency and find yourself within environments filled with love and peace and joy just by being. Good follows you wherever you go. People show up as the highest version of themselves in your presence. Environments shift as you walk through them exuding these higher frequencies. You know that creativity and solutions and peace are there just because you’re there. You walk through life seeing, not through the outer eye, but the inner eye where insights abound. You discover it’s always the right time to be happy, to be healthy, to be successful, to be prosperous, that there is always an ever evolving good that surrounds you.

You Can’t Throw Any Thoughts Away

You are one with all that is, so keep your inner environment clean. Thoughts are energy. You can’t throw any thoughts away, but the pollution of negativity can be transmuted. Thoughts of lack, limitation, and scarcity can take root and express themselves through your life if you’re don’t stay conscious of your thoughts. These show up as different levels of pollution coming from you as gossip, chatter, opinions, judgment. You need to have a clean inner environment. Use the three simple steps above to transmute the frequency with which you walk through life and observe how your life changes to match this new way of being.

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