Living A Heart Centered Life

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Have you ever made an agreement with someone, only to find out that they were not upholding their end of the agreement? This happened to me recently and all of a sudden what was really happening became clear to me.

 If we make an agreement with someone and they are feeling resistant, but not letting on that they are and then go along with it just to appease us, they will most likely go against the agreement at some point in time. Why?.. because they have not placed the agreement into their heart.

 Until something is place into our hearts we cannot “be” it, and therefore we cannot “do” whatever it is we agreed to doing/not doing.

 When we don’t love ourselves first, we become dishonest with ourselves. When we are dishonest with ourselves, we cannot be honest with others. We set up resistance when we have agreed to something and it’s not in our hearts to follow-through with it. And what comes with resistance?… resentment, anger, disagreement, argument, and other forms of negativity. We are oblivious to the fact that it is of our own making!!

 If we place something in our hearts we place it in the arms of love… there is no resistance to it and that area of our life flows with ease and effortlessness. Once placed in our hearts, we become the person that reflects what it is placed there… with every action regarding it, we are being it.

 What does this mean for our lives? If we want a life that flows, it means the key is to return to love… to only agree to what is in our hearts, only purchase things that we really love, only surround ourselves with what we love… because love is truth. It is the fabric of creation. It is how we are meant to live life.

 End your resistance to life by seeing the blessings in everything. Be grateful for everything in your life by placing it into your heart and seeing the blessing of it in your life rather than the personal and personalized identification, in other words, your judgment of it.

 Can’t find the blessing in someone or some situation? Look again, this time through the eyes of love and what is being mirrored for you to see in yourself. Close your eyes and feel the love in your heart. Now place the person or situation into your heart center and build up the loving energy and feel the gratitude for having it in your life.

 Living a heart centered life shifts the way you see and experience everything. Try it and let me know what you’re experience is.

©2013 Patricia Rubino

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