Are You Living From Inner Security?

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For most people, security comes from various sources – a job, a source of income, the stability of the source of income, a marriage or other meaningful relationship, your health, feeling physically safe, love and friendship, a partner, children, family, friends, a social life, material possessions like a house, a car, furniture, jewelry, etc.

These sources of security come from people and things outside of themselves – external reference points. The level of security hinges on having a job, having someone to love them, being accepted socially into the group you desire, living in a nice house that’s in a nice neighborhood, driving a nice car. These are all external reference points.

When you rely on external reference points for your security, you are not living authentically, you’re disempowered, and cannot reach your highest potential. You will inevitably be disappointed when you rely on something or someone outside of you to make you feel secure in some way. Why? Because you are allowing something outside of yourself to be responsible for your security. When you rely on something or someone outside of you the rug will inevitably be pulled out from under you. Learn to rely on and lean on the infinite source with you. Know that you are always supported. You let them determine whether or not you feel secure.

When you lean on something outside of you, you cannot reach your highest potential no matter how hard you try.

The only true security is security within. Having inner security is taking full responsibility for yourself and for your life. It is what I call being internally referenced. True Inner security is about who you are being in the world, it’s about congruence and integrity. It’s not about what you do. When you have inner security you know you can always trust yourself. You know that if you lose everything, you can recreate it. You know that you can have what you intend for your life.

Where do you place your security? In the people and things in your life, or within you where you are in touch and fully trust with absolute certainty the Source of all that is?

Live the Possibilities!!

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