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Your life is a work of art, whether you’re raising a family, talking to a client, participating in a meeting at work, volunteering in a community activity, or working on an artistic endeavor.  Every situation in your life is rich with color and texture and beauty, every act has the potential to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

 Think of yourself as a photographer and every moment as a snapshot in time.  What does a good photographer do to capture an extraordinary moment in a photograph? First of all, she has a vision of what she wants to photograph – a beautiful sunset, or sunrise, for example. She knows she needs the right lens on her camera and that if she changes her perspective, her angle of view, she will get a completely different picture of the scene; so she changes angles to get the shot that she wants. Sometimes she has to patiently wait until the lighting is exactly right, or the sun is in the right position on the horizon.

 If you were to live your life like a photographer, you would be continually changing angles of view until you move into a perspective that’s just right to provide you with the picture you desire. You do this so that you aren’t trapped into seeing things the same way you’ve always seen them, if you want that extraordinary photograph. By changing your perspective, you can transform the way you see and respond to life. 

In addition to the location the photographer takes the photograph from, the camera lens also helps determine the perspective. The lens can have an effect on the image quality, contrast, blurring, or distortion. There are many ways to view the same scene.

There’s Always More Than One Right Answer

 There are a 1000 ways to solve a problem, or view a situation.  There are right answers from different points of view, so don’t stop at the initial “right answer.”

 When you live from this perspective you do so not in terror, but comfortably.  You know the solution is going to be there for you, so you can embrace your change of perspective rather than fear it.

View the world with a sense of abundance rather than scarcity and get more and more comfortable reframing a problem or situation into an opportunity.  Be comfortable and confident that the answer is going to be there for you. If you’re afraid of making a mistake you won’t be able to do this… so relax.

 When you’re not afraid to make mistakes, when you believe that there is more than one right answer, this is when you break the limiting patterns in your life.  It’s when you let your patterns go unquestioned too long that they become limiting. Start asking yourself, Why do I always do it this way? And then take a different approach.

 When you start to put yourself in the place of most potential that life starts to present you with windows of opportunity – decisive moments where everything lines up just right. It takes patience and focus on your vision, as when the photographer is waiting for that right moment at sunset or sunrise, when the light, shadow, colors and textures are just right.

 If you let the beauty of the moment to fill you up, it will come out in a thousand ways: In the way you conduct yourself in your life and work, in what you produce, in the way you treat your family, in the services we give our communities, in the stories we tell our children before they go to bed.  The window of opportunity is always there.  When you see it, it really is extraordinary!

 Always Look For The Next Right Answer:

– It’s a matter of perspective
– There’s always more than one right answer
– Reframe problems into opportunities
– Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
– Learn to break old limiting patterns
– Have a vision to focus on
– Be patient

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