Living in Abundance in 2011

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What does living in abundance really mean? 

To truly live in abundance means trusting that everything is available to you every moment of every day and that all your needs are met.

When you trust that the next inspired thought or idea will lead you where you want to go…

When you trust the next right thing to say will come to you exactly as you need the words…

When you trust that what you need will always be there for you…

When you trust the right people, places, and circumstances will all show up when you need them…

And when you trust that nothing outside of you can harm you… That’s when your narrow perception of life expands and you find that all possibilities are available to you. You need only hold an idea with certainty and confidence. Confident, safe, secure, grounded in your own being, and attuned with the field of infinite possibilities, you fully show up for yourself, and life takes over. You will find life living you with joy, happiness, and freedom permeating your existence.

Doubt and fear and worry, and any form of inner struggle will block this flow of abundance in your life. When you feel like a victim, unorganized, angry, confused, etc. you are experiencing different forms of inner struggle. These inner struggles cause you to express yourself with half-hearted measures. Half-hearted measures will produce half-hearted results showing up in your life. True abundance can only flow through you if you are fully open, receptive, and trusting in the true nature of life, which is always for you and not against you.

Make 2011 the year you claim abundance as your way of living life and watch your life unfold in ways you never thought possible.

©2011 Patricia Rubino

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