Do You Live Your Life as a Creative Venture?

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How many times have you been involved in a project, procedure, or plan that took you in a direction that was different than you expected and anticipated? Perhaps you thought everything in your personal life was under control and then something happened – the market went south and your investments plummeted, you lost your job, you became ill, you had an accident, or became dissatisfied with your life, your work, your partnership.

These are all merely indications that life does not work in a linear fashion. It is a creative venture. The question is, how do you respond to life?

There are three basic modes of response:

The TACTICAL RESPONSE, which consists of:

  • Reacting
  • Procedures
  • Implementing
  • Doing
  • Costing it out

 The STRATEGIC RESPONSE, which consists of:

  • Anticipating
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Thinking
  • Values

 The CREATIVE RESPONSE, which consists of:

  • Intention and Visioning
  • Resonance and Alignment
  • Self-Organization and Emergence
  • Coherence of Thought and Feelings
  • Emotional Intelligence

 In using the tactical and strategic responses you are trying to control your environment. These responses can be effective short term, but at some point something will happen counter to your best efforts. Using the creative response always brings sustainable results.

Exemplary leaders in all fields of endeavor model the creative response:

  • They are aligned with their creative nature.
  • They are decisive.
  • They have a vision that is their source of focus.
  • They are free to try things and learn from their mistakes.
  • They are not afraid of ambiguity.
  • They understand that solutions are always there and they allow themselves the time to connect with them.

This is how we are designed to function in the world.

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