Why Do We Sometimes Limit Our Own Best Efforts?

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The human brain as a whole, is an energy system. Your brain’s activities are divided among four major systems that make up the whole brain. Usually these parts are pulling you in different directions because they each deal with a different kind of information and speak a different language.

The left brain speaks the language of reasoning, logic, sequence, words and language, as well as cause and effect. The left brain is time specific.

The right brain, which involves the process of perceiving information at a deeper level, synthesized sometimes into images, sometimes into sounds – speaks the language of sound, image, pattern, rhythm and arrangement: juxtaposition, association and relationship. The right brain is not time bound.

The mid-brain speaks the language of emotions:
• The process of being affected by something or someone; developing the ability of closeness with a person, place, object, idea, or situation.
• The ability to enter into, hold with, and shift from any mood, whether the experience feels painful or pleasurable.
• Being aware of our desires and knowing what excites us and moves us most; the ability to guide our life in relation to what we love.

The brain-stem (the oldest part of the brain) speaks the language of physical stimulus and response – the ability to move ourselves towards or away from; being able to imitate or inhibit anything or anyone of behalf of our own life or the lives of others.

Unless all four major systems are aligned and working together towards your goal, you will, in most cases, find some way to limit yourself by sabotaging your efforts – you will be less effective than you could be. Once this occurs, it establishes and reinforces a pattern, which repeats itself as your normal mode of operation.

We have all experienced all four brain systems working together in harmony and flow, and sometimes in conflict, working against each other, sabotaging each other and causing limitations in what we are trying to achieve.

Meditation and mindfulness are two ways that train the four brain systems to synchronize and work together. Through these practices you will experience peace, harmony, and flow more consistently on a daily basis, as well as during challenging times.

Live the Possibilities!!

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