Your Life: The Mirror Of Your Mind

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No one can physically see themselves unless they look into a mirror. This applies not only for your physical self, but your unconscious self as well. Since no one can see what’s going on in their subconscious, the people and circumstances that you attract into your life are there to reflect back to you those parts of yourself that you need to become conscious of.  In nature this is known as mirror-image symmetry. It is a basic pattern of nature that we see in right and left handed forms, such as the body, molecular structures within our bodies, and endeavors such as music, and statistics.

To see your life the way nature sees it takes shift in your world view. Once you shift the way you see the world, you will begin to see yourself more clearly and start to experience life in a new way. Paying attention to what is out-pictured in your life can be your guide to conscious awareness, and to allowing into your life the possibility for what you truly desire. Your conscious mind may have difficulty with this concept, but I assure you that if you commit to really looking at what’s going on in your environment you will start to see it in a different way. If you see something that you’re finding resistance around accepting, you may want to start journaling about it or even asking someone you trust if they see those qualities or behaviors in you.

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”
~ Carl Jung ~

When you start to be present to what’s going on in the moment and what it’s reflecting in you, you come to understand that when you judge another person, or situation, you are judging yourself. That whatever you most admire about someone is what you most admire about yourself that you have not yet connected with. Whatever you most dislike in someone is also reflecting back to you a part of yourself that you have not yet recognized.

When you have an emotional reaction to someone or some situation, it’s a clue for you to take a step back and see what’s being reflected back to you. If you find yourself around angry people you need to look at where you are angry. If you find yourself around truly loving people you see that you are aligned with that part of yourself that is loving. If you have worked hard for something and not received it, you need to look at whether there was some doubt or fear associated with having it, or if you felt worthy of having it.

As the New Year approaches and you reflect upon 2010 and what you envision for 2011, you might want to do some journaling: Who are you judging and what are you judging them about? Who’s in your life that’s being difficult? Who in your life do you admire? Who in your life do you most dislike and why? Who in your life irritates you? Who in your life is loving? What have you worked for and received… or not received? If you didn’t receive it, did you have some contradictory thoughts or feelings around having it? Make a column with this type of list and in the other column, through stream of consciousness journaling, write whatever comes to mind about how you are being the qualities and behaviors that which you are projecting onto others. Commit yourself to seeing yourself more clearly in the New Year.

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