Life As Creative Play

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Creative play is the natural order of things in the universe for everything from microbes to the cosmos, including human beings. We see this playfulness permeating the processes of the natural world in ways we may not have thought as playful – volcanoes joyously erupt, rocks turn into continents, stars and galaxies are formed. None of us would attempt to control any of these creative endeavors of nature, so why do we think we can control the creative forms happening in our own lives?

What Keeps Us From Experiencing Life As Playful?

We have backed ourselves into some fear-filled corners. We have come to believe that to survive we must control everything and that the world cannot be left to itself even for a  moment. Fearing people, we control one another. Fearing change, we choose our little plans over the surprise of what might emerge. We struggle to contain the elemental energies of life that want to flow through us.

We tend to believe that the world is a hostile place and that we need to be in a constant state of alertness and self-protection. If self-protective behaviors become habitual, life will not be filled with creative play. It will be filled with controlling behaviors. We control because we think we need to be right, always trying to make something happen a certain way, and in doing so live in terror that we might make a mistake or be wrong. When errors hold so much peril over us, creativity ceases and fear and struggle take its place. The truth is, life is not a fear-filled place. Life can be a playful place through intention, attention, and trust.

Stop Trying To Make Something Happen

Instead of trying to make something happen, use the power of intention and attention to live in a perpetual state of play. These set up the right conditions to experience life as creative play. In a state of play we are in a state of allowing and not in resistance to what wants to come forth through us. Where in your life are you trying to make something happen? How does your body feel when you try to make something happen? Tense? Anxious? Stressed? These feelings of dis-ease block the creative flow through the body.

Now think about when you were a child playing. In your imagination, you could be anything, do anything, and have anything. Thinking back… how does it feel to play? Free? Flowing? Joy-filled? Better solutions and answers will always come from this place of creative play. It takes trust that something is organizing itself. It takes trust to let go of worry & trying. It was not while Einstein was engaged in the problem that he experienced a flash of insight that lead to the theory of relativity. It was when he was engaged in creative play, when his mind was relaxed starring into a fire and letting his imagination take him to the answer riding on a beam of light.

Like Einstein, by letting go of trying to make something happen, we open ourselves to playing in the field of possibilities. When playing in the field, we consciously co-create a life filled with happiness, creativity, and fulfillment.

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