Are You Being Guided to Create Something New in Your Life?

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Nature and every living thing in our lives is creative. We live in a creative world of ideas and people that are constantly changing, producing results that have never before existed and could not have been predicted based on the past. Latent within us is the seed of something we are capable of becoming. When you plant a Daisy seed, it is as you water and nourish the seed that it grows and flowers. As the Daisy grows, it is always in a state of becoming. You stand in wonder at the process taking place and give the plant the care it needs at each stage of development. It is not a better plant when it blooms than when it was a bud. At each stage the flower is in the process of expressing its pure creative nature. The drive for growth is within you as it is within the Daisy.

Underlying the drive for growth is a force of nature that motivates human beings to change, or to create something new in their lives. This beneficial force activates when we respond to ongoing feedback from our environment. When we ignore learning from environmental feedback we are actually resisting what life is trying to tell us. When we are resistant to what is, our growth is impeded in some way. If we continue to repeat this behavior it becomes a habit. Struggle, stress, strain, and all types of dis-ease, are symptoms that we are in resistance. We don’t realize that we can make a different choice because we are in a habituated and limiting frame of reference. When we begin to understand how environmental feedback attempts to guide us, we learn to live in the creative flow of life and we’re then able to create new possibilities where it seemed like there were none available.

• Where are you on the emerging edge of creating something new in your life?
• Where do you feel resistance to this emerging impulse?
• What feedback is your environment providing you with that you are resisting?… what, or who, are you arguing with? blaming? shaming? angry with? What is the message that is trying to get through to you?
• You say that you don’t know? Pretend that you do know… now answer these questions from the perspective of knowing.

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