Feeling Out of Balance? Use This Process

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Drop your story. Meet whatever’s happening within your body in THIS moment and surrender to it… surrender to what is… what emotion(s) are you feeling?… What are you thinking?… What are you feeling in your body and where?… What is your inner sense of self?… Your attention and awareness of what is in this moment is where your true power lies.

Surrendering is not a giving up. It is an acceptance of this moment in all it holds. When you surrender there’s a peace within…. and where there’s peace there’s connection to the infinite Source of all creation… and guess what… anything can show up for you now. Move your attention down into your heart center and have kindness and compassion for yourself and your experience.

“God hid the whole world in thy heart.”  ~ Emerson ~

If you fight for the limitations you are believing in… and if you fight for the not having of something… and if you fight for whatever’s not showing up no matter how much you don’t want it but you keep your attention focused on it… and if you even fighting for the concept of not knowing by resisting what is, you’re filling the space where infinite Source is trying to show up for you but you’ve closed It off by filling up the space with something else… what you don’t want. That’s what the mind does in every moment with its constant chatter because it’s terrified of the unknown when you stop and become aware… why?… because it doesn’t exist there… it exists in the past and future by rehashing the stories we’ve been telling about ourselves and our lives. It’s just like looking in a mirror… the image is not you, it is merely a reflection of what is going on within.

Life is here showing up for you in every moment as a reflection of your thoughts and the emotional charge behind your thoughts. Show up for yourself when you feel out of balance and watch how you’re your life experience changes.

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