Want to Eliminate Struggle?

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Living in a dualistic world, we think of the world as having only two aspects… the opposite aspects of dualism… right or wrong, good or bad, up or down, this or that, my way or your way. What if I were to tell you that the reality is that there are always three aspects in the world – the dualism of opposites in human nature AND a third element, an alternative… the creative element that creates something new, something beyond dualism. In Buddhism it is called the middle way – the way between the two extremes. There is a tension formed by each opposing aspect in the center where the two opposing energies meet, and in that tension a chaotic energy in formed. It is in this energy that gives birth to an alternative.

There is always a struggle between the opposites of dualism. The third element is another way of dealing with anything. It lifts you out of the struggle and into a creative response where anything is possible.

In dualism you can always use the opposite as a means of grievance, blame, and all sorts of negativity. The third element, the creative response, means you take responsibility for yourself and your life.

Strength comes for the third way. Think of a three-legged stool. The way the weight is distributed makes it more secure than a four-legged stool. A two-legged stool cannot even hold its own weight.

This is a visual I like to use when looking for the creative response to a conflict, or any struggle between opposites.


 Aspect 1                     Middle Way / Creative Response                    Opposite of Aspect 1

Start by filling in the opposite aspects where you find yourself in conflict or struggle. Next relax your mind letting go of both aspects. Using stream -of-consciousness, what creative alternatives come to mind that would life you out of the dualistic struggle? Take your time until you resonate with the third alternative feeling it as a 10 on a scales on 1 – 10. Now implement the third alternative that has come to you and watch how the situation changes in ways that seem miraculous.

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