The Two Drives that Lead to Empowerment

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All living beings possess two intrinsic drives, the drive for growth and the drive to create. Latent within each of us is the seed as something we are capable of becoming. When we plant a Daisy seed, and water and nourish it, the seed grows and flowers. As the Daisy grows, it is always in the state of becoming. We stand in wonder at the process taking place and give the plant the care it needs at each stage of development. It is not a “better” plant when it blooms than when it was a bud. At each stage the flower is in the process of expressing its pure creative nature. The drive for growth and the drive to create are within each of us as they are in the Daisy.

The Drive for Growth: We are Always in the State of Becoming

“The nature of a cell, just like what we call ‘human nature,’ is not something that is, but something forever in the process of becoming.”
George Land, Grow or Die (pg. 9)

Underlying the drive for growth is a force of nature that motivates human beings to change, or to create something new in their lives. This beneficial force activates when we react to ongoing feedback in our environment. This drive for growth has been confirmed by the sciences from physics to biophysics… from a star system to a human system. Science has also established that the cell and man both modify their behavior based on the response from environmental feedback. In physics this is called the observer effect. This modified behavior is what leads to a drive to create something new.

Within the drive for growth, both you and all living cells respond to two basic conditions in your environment – the availability of nutritional materials and the response of the environment to your attempts to use these nutritional materials for growth. In the process of growing, you not only renew yourself and survive, you also grow internally and externally, constantly evolving and improving your ability to grow.

Within this cycle of growth emerges the drive to create something new. You effect your environment by extending your internal patterns outward. Thinking, communication, socialization, technological developments, and ethics are all examples of external acts of biological growth: the transformation of energy and matter into life and life-facilitating products.

The Drive to Create: Our Natural Growth Path is Towards Our Fullest Expression of Creativity

“There is a deep longing to create that resides within the soul of humanity. Beyond our natural instinct for survival… we also have a natural instinct for building, organizing, forming, and creating.”
Robert Fritz, Creating (pg. 3)

The drive to create is a natural drive within each of us. The creativity we see in nature and in children is present within us all, but as adults our creative drive becomes diluted by outside pressures and stressors. Basically, we forget how to be creative.

Most people think creativity has only to do with the arts. This isn’t true. Creativity is the foundation of everything, including your life and everything in it. Think of the word creativity – the root is to create. Just as an artist uses his paintbrush, pen, or CAD system, you use a number of tools to create the beauty of your soul on the canvas of life. The process is essentially the same. The more freed your creativity the easier it is to create the life you intend for yourself.

Socialization restricts creativity and creative potential. We learn to hold back our true creative nature as we begin to accept others’ opinions, evaluations and beliefs. If you ask most people if they consider themselves creative, the tendency would be to respond with “no” or “I’m a little creative.” Often individuals truly believe they are not creative. The let their greatest asset go underdeveloped because of combined messages received from external influence: family traditions and fears, society’s expectations, doing what others want them to do, conformity, beliefs, culture, religious dogma, or limitations of the workplace that provide a mountain of opposition to one’s natural drive to create.

Think for a moment what it means to be creative. Creativity is something that every single individual on this planet is born with, with no exceptions. Every thought that enters your head is a creation. Every word that you utter is created by you. Every word you write or type is an act of creativity. Our natural growth path is towards pure creativity – the flow state of pure creation. It is the drive to create which enables you to engage in activities you may or may not consider being creative such as learning, understanding and analysis. These activities are just as creative as the design and development of a new product or technological innovation. The dynamic nature of today, more than ever in our history, creates the need for a conscious adaptive and creative response to our environment. Not only do you inherit the gift of creativity as part of your true nature, you also inherit the benefits for active participation in this dynamic and creative world.

Your creative nature calls you to stretch your mind and consider the possibilities; to reach beyond the boundaries of what has been considered normal, logical and reasonable, to create what has never been before. To create something new is to always be open and receptive to the possibilities of each and every moment.

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