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Whether or not we’re aware of it, our tendency is to react to messages from the environment by putting limitations on ourselves. As in hypnosis, we become hypnotized by external messages that dis-empower us. If a Fifth Grade teacher tells us that we are not good at math, we can take this on as a belief and from then on an assumed pattern of not being good at math. If we are told we are stupid or that we’ll never amount to anything, these can become our beliefs. If the accompanied emotion is strong enough or there is repetition, either that inner voice of judgment, or from an external source, we can take any outside message on as our own and live it our as a pattern of our life.

 Our reactions to the external messages become habits which we learn to perform automatically without having to think or decide. We tend to think, feel, and act, the same way whenever we encounter what we interpret as the same sort of situation. These habits can be modified, changed, or reversed, simply by taking the time to make a conscious decision to choose differently and then act out of a new associated response or behavior.

It’s Our Choice

The choices we make today create our future. To reach goals and make our dreams a reality, we must make new choices that will lead to taking new actions. As a creative being, you and I have within us the power to choose to be whomever and whatever we desire. With that choice, we align with our innate creative nature and open ourselves to the unlimited possibilities that are always available to us, we just don’t know it.

We express our unexpressed potential when we are internally referenced and intrinsically motivated, using our authentic and natural tendencies rather than being driven by outside forces. Being internally referenced creates internal values that is empowering. Taking action translates the inner values to outer values which are reflected in our lives as thriving in the world. When we are truly thriving and gaining energy from who we are being in the world, we are empowered.

We are each responsible for our lives. We can choose to live empowered lives. Choosing to shift our focus from appearances and what the world is telling us, to listening deeply to our true nature, brings extraordinary results.

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