Are You Being Called To Something More?

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We all have unique gifts that call us to our destiny. They are our genius. In ancient Rome, the genius was the individual who had an inspired divine nature. This nature is present in every individual. It is what you are called to be. It’s a holistic combination of spirit and function. Understanding your gifts and knowing how you can serve others through your gifts, your calling speaks to you and draws you to it.

What is right for you? Where are you willing to be lead?

Callings are heartfelt. You don’t find your calling; it unfolds as you connect with life through your heart rather than your intellect. Originating in the heart, a calling brings greater meaning and joy to your life.

Socrates said that loss of soul is the condition of being stuck… It is when you lose this heartfelt connection with yourself. If you find yourself stuck, your passion lost and you’re no longer in the flow of life, check-in with yourself and see if you are resisting your calling. A calling can be related to your work, relationship, lifestyle, or service. You may be called to do something, be self-employed, go back to school, leave or start a relationship, move to the country, change careers, have a child, etc. Callings take many shapes and forms.

To follow your calling is to engage in what Joseph Campbell has called, “The Hero’s Journey.” The phases of this journey may be recognizable to you from your own life:

The Call to AdventureYou are confronted with a challenge, a dare, a problem to solve or adventure to undertake.  The need for a change is announced by a dream, a stranger’s appearance, a death or birth or illness, an inner urge, a knock at the door, or an inner voice.

The Refusal of the CallYou face the fear of the unknown, perhaps back away from the call, turn down the quest, hesitate and are temporarily lost.

The Responding to the CallAllies show up and begin to work for you — anyone or anything that pulls you through the refusal and who then continues to inspire, provoke, teach, train, and protect you: anyone or anything that brings the sense of trust to your journey.  This could be a person, place, or thing, a dream, a code of honor, a power won on a previous journey.

The Road of Trials (or Obstacles): Whatever thwarts you, from within or without.  Whatever tests you.  Do not confuse obstacles with enemies.  Often the journey includes a Supreme Ordeal, in which you face your greatest fear.

The Return: You come back from the journey visibly changed and, given that the word “hero” means one who serves, share the boons of the quest with “the people” – a higher order of functioning, a sacred marriage, reconciliation, a treasure.  The Return also typically includes a final exam, a last test to see if you’ve really learned the lessons of the journey or the Supreme Ordeal, if you’ve really changed.  It is a last chance for the forces of darkness to strike back at the triumphant hero or heroine.

We Are All Heroes

We are all called in some way.  The call announces a need to transform ourselves, and the response for which it calls, is an awakening of some kind.

In “Hymns to an Unknown God,” Sam Keen says, “Enter each day with the expectation that the happenings of the day may contain a clandestine message addressed to you personally.  Expect omens, epiphanies, casual blessings, and teachers who unknowingly speak to your condition.”

These clandestine messages are the synchronicities of our lives.  Synchronicity is when events and your state of mind come together.  Synchronicities are events connected to one another not strictly by cause and effect, but by what is classical times were known as sympathies.  This is the belief that a causal affinity exists between events inside and outside of you – a cross-talk between the conscious and unconscious.

Carl Jung believed that synchronicities mirror deep psychological processes that carry messages the way dreams do, and take on meaning, and provide guidance to the degree that they correspond to emotional states and inner experiences.  For example, you are trying to decide whether or not to say yes or no to an opportunity that’s presented itself in your life when you see a Nike logo that says, “Just do it.”

Become aware of the synchronities of your life and remember:

  • Every situation has a purpose
  • Doing what you love aligns you with the flow of synchronicity
  • You attract what you focus on
  • Universal Intelligence is perfect and operates effortlessly
  • You always have choice
  • Set your intention and ask for support
  • Let the universe handle the details
  • Trust the process
  • Your life is part of a larger plan

 Know that a calling wears the face of chaos.  In the Greek creation myths from which the original word comes, chaos is the pure potential from which all things and all being emerged, the field of infinite possibilities.  In the Bible, chaos was simply the condition of the Earth before creation, before the great formlessness was molded.  It’s the condition we must each pass through, repeatedly, until the end of our days, if we’re faithful to our calls and the creations that they invite.

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