As women move into midlife if they are not living their values, their calling gets louder and louder and an internal struggle ensues where they become more and more resistant, confused, overwhelmed, stuck, or things start falling apart. Nothing they do fundamentally seems to change the situation. This is my story.

After a 15 year career in Facilities Design and Management in Corporate America and feeling there was more to making sustainable change within organizations my career shifted to Organizational Planned Change and Coaching after I had an accident and several years of training. I had mediocre success at building my business and I was confused. Marketing felt more like shooting darts in the dark and hoping and praying they’d hit a bulls-eye. I took classes and while it all offered some value, much of the advice didn’t feel authentic to me and didn’t seem to fit who I am or what I was being called to do. At the same time, I was studying everything I could get my hands on regarding human nature, contemporary spirituality, and consciousness studies as an extension of my background in Human Ecology. I  knew there was a larger expression I’m meant to have in the world and I felt caught between the two worlds.

Because I was not living my values fully, but everyone else’s values, I attracted challenges that were designed to wake me up. These are those situations that keep repeating themselves until you stop revisiting them and wake-up to what they’re trying to tell you so you can move forward. Outwardly it looked like long periods thinking nothing was going to work-out. With everything I was doing when were things going to work-out for me? When was I going to be successful? I kept struggling and wanting and desiring to make it come true… until I realized I had to stop struggling against myself… stop taking crumbs… stop fighting and resisting my truth, love and accept myself fully, and let go, because if you carry around the past, you’re not going to be able to create the future you want… the energy you’re using to keep your story alive in your emotional system is using up your energy of creation right now.

After a particularly dark night of the soul I became clearer and clearer as I awakened to my soul, my true values, and what I had been struggling with for so many years. More confident about what I’m here to do, more creativity emerged and my own body of work which includes my signature course, The Art of Living in Your True Power & Potential, and a feminine model of how life works and how we co-create our lives called “The Ecology of Co-Creation”, which bridges the spiritual world and the physical world. These form the foundation of my coaching program.

I learned that I’m here to help midlife women breakthrough the barriers that keep them limited and stuck, and embody their highest potential to live more meaningful, fulfilling, and abundant lives. This is where mastery is found.

Now instead of floundering about, knowing I had a gift to give but feeling somewhat lost, caught in fits of hopelessness and hoping it could be different, it is actually different. I am now on the way to growing my business in a big way supporting women in reaching their fullest potential and co-creating their lives. I vision the model being the standard for bridging the spiritual world with the way physical world. One of my favorite quotes is from Gregory Bateson, An Ecology of Mind: “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.” I envision this model bringing alignment to an ever increasing number of individuals and to making a difference in the collective conscious.

What I think is most important is who I’ve become in the process. I trust myself deeply. I have more joy in my heart than I’ve ever known was possible, and I know and live my soul’s desire in all that I do. My gift is being deeply insightful, understanding human nature, and pulling information out of clients so they can see what’s been blocking them. At the heart of everything I offer – every program, product, and system – there lies one primary intention: to give you what you need to access, trust and act upon your own Intrinsic Motivation and Inner Guidance, and to let that Guidance lead and support you in every aspect of your life.

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